Cold Spring

Presbyterian Church

780 Seashore Road,

Cold Spring, NJ 08204

Price Hall - 609-884-4065         

Fax 609-884-5710

Email -

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Kevin Yoho

Church Secretary - Judy Lambert

Office hours - Monday through Friday 8am to 1pm 


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 FYI:  Present website closes on October 17, 2016.

Come worship with us on Sundays at 10:30 am!


The Historic Cold Spring Presbyterian Church is located in southern New Jersey, approximately three miles from Cape May.  The church is a National Historic Landmark.  It is registered by the Presbyterian Historic Society in Philadelphia as an American Presbyterian Site and also in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

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Mission Statement

The congregation of CSPC affirms that the task of the church is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and His redemptive will for our lives. 

Members believe that the Bible is God's Holy and Inspired Word, and the authoritative witness to the Triune God's self-revelation in His Son, through God's Holy Spirit.  

Members affirm by the preaching and hearing of the Word, and the celebration of the sacraments, that God is a forgiving God, and that we are graciously saved by God's faithfulness in Christ, alone.  In repentance and faith, we are to testify by word and deed to His loving purpose for our lives and for His creation. 

The congregation is committed in its spirit, and with its  material resources, to provide support for mission - on a local, national and global level - in accordance with the Great Commission of Christ, the Head of the Church, as attested by the scriptures , and upheld by our denomination's Book of Order.